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Legal Malpractice – How Lawyers Can Avoid It

Posted on November 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

Legal malpractice is very common today. If your client is not satisfied with the service you have given him, he can sue you.
It is not about customer satisfaction only. If a client develops grudges against you during the case, he may be willing to sue you.

However, a lot of clients still take it as a headache, so they avoid suing their lawyer.
It requires working on two cases altogether, the original case and the new case.
Here are some of the tips to avoid a malpractice suit.

As a lawyer you must maintain a very good communication with your client.

Try to complete everything in time. You should analyze the case well.
Keep all the communication a secret. It is advised not to leak any sensitive information of your client to any other third party. It violates the professional ethics.

The more you keep the secrets up to you only, the better it is.
Advise your client to follow what you say but remember it should always be in legal limits.

Always prepare a record of all the activities that take place between you and your client.
This is called report making or accounting.
This will help you a lot in case of malpractice suit against you.

Apart from all the rules, always be very friendly and maintain a good communication with your clients. If your client feels that a good relation exist between both of you, he is most likely not to sue you.
So keep these points in mind while you handle a case.